D'Art of Harkness

by Philip Hartigan

The World Has Stood Still

By Philip Hartigan

 2007 First draught

And we are left holding our dicks

I’d like to think we know what we are doing

But even the best of us are unsure

now that she has stopped turning, not even in our favour any more

Oddly the star boys are beginning to fight each other in bed.

Wait a minute here

But there are no minutes left.

What have we done ,is all this space for real

For there is no time only the present

I am waiting in the none worldly place

That I have found myself.

I am dying for a piss as always.

Will you please leave me to do my thing?

Hitch my wagon to a star.

There are no reference points.

A bold initiative this as always.

The genetic repeating clause of my bound existence.

The DNA of your imagination trying to escape .

Regime and then more Regime power and then more power. Till

it all falls into cinders and slime.

The sideways glance the terrible terror those who oppose will be branded

Identified and only then can we eliminate them.

Because the world has stood still we can do this.

There is no shadow to speak of.

The rainbow is only a memory the lushness of your native land

where rain came down every day has become like old clothes.

damp growing slowly back to a primal form where there is no more

human scale just the motion of the machine the macintosh the machine...

And then the, again, has gone I have taken a route where there are revelations

And in revelations there are no better or worse just ultimate oblivion, it’s as if I never existed.

The morals have surrendered their allegiances what did they stand for anyway?

I can’t remember since the standing still took place.

Your world may keep turning it’s your affair

I’ve had events that have stopped my world, you see;

I don’t.

I feel too much, I joke about just about everything.

Bad Taste in my mouth, it won’t go away.

I remember when I had luck on my side when I met beautiful men and women

In bars in London and progressed through the city of William Blake as if I were

Riding a lion and then a unicorn.

Back to your place or mine ?

It's better if we go to your place because I haven’t got a place

Can’t you tell. You see my world has stood still for some terrible spaces now

and well I’m sure you understand .The insecurity of it all has become too great.

Jesus and Mohammed Buddha and Brando would understand this sort of thing can happen to actors .

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