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December - 2004

Powder keg rock-n-roll, "Learning the Hard Way" from THE SPADES is this months pic for soundtrack to a speeding ticket. Driving beats, crusher guitars - this stuff is great. Six black brothers from Holland who got what ya want... let me know when you hit the states.
JET MOTOR CRASH is looking for some "Personal Space". Hardcore riffs, suburban vocals, tight songs with plenty to offer the kids... personally I like my music evil.
Three songs and I want more... BONBOMB send me their latest demo. Newer wave with a post punk edge, future mod that swings and dives. Dirty grooves with nothing to lose, check 'em out and tell them Starr sent ya.
"Where's Your Band" comes from the DEADFRETS. Garage rock that doesn't try too hard, but it's ok - they like beer. So drink up and maybe they'll sound just like a real band. Six pack sold separately.
Bittersweet pop hardcore that never misses a beat. ONE TRUE THING sends me "Finally...". Well crafted songs and wonderful vocals, this girl can actually sing. Heavy, moody and rocking - they must be great live (hint, hint, hint).
The French Thunder brings us more... FREDDY LYNXX and the CORNER GANG send me "Full Cover". Thirteen ripping versions of songs by The Stones, MC5, The Senders, and Johnny Thunders just to name a few. A rocking mix from a living legend, what more could ya ask for?
CHEAP SEX sends me "Headed For A Breakdown". Racing punk that pulls no punches, straight ahead into the grave. If you're feeling low it's time for some cheap sex.
NONE MORE BLACK sends me "Loud About Loathing", post hardcore punk-pop rockers who seem to have missed the point... where's the danger? As the man said 'darker one's have come this way before'.
God speed you BLACK TONGUE. Post punk garage hell with all the trimmings, a savage mix of noise and nerves that will have ya scratchin at the walls. The end of the world is here and it sounds wonderful.
This one never got past the first five words... BEAVER NELSON, "Motion" is this month's pick for a beer coaster.
G-SPOT sends me "Come Here, Go Away". Self indulgent ca-ca that goes as far as including a 13 minute and 41 second Kundalini Yoga Chant that full-on blew chunks. You can be sure all evil spirits will staying far away from this one. The promo pack sucked too - lame ass fortune cookies!
THE DEEP EYNDE sends me "Shadowland". Rocking goth that delivers - smashingly dark aggression from the other side. The perfect songs for midnight and beyond, let us know when you hit the city that never sleeps.
Disaster, PO Box 7112, Burbank CA 91510

AGAINST ME sends "We're Never Going Home" from their 2004 Spring tour. This DVD has it all - even a drinking game. A bit documentary, lots of live footage, and enough extras to keep ya clicking for hours.
PO Box 193690
San Francisco CA 94119-3690
Check it out... SUPERJOINT RITUAL "Live At CBGB's 2004". Feel the amps swelling in your ears, sit back and fire it up - as fun as a night at CB's, except you get to smoke all ya' want. Monster grooves and plenty of craziness keeps this DVD rolling. A powerful flashback for all Superjoint fans.
Sanctuary Records
Twenty-Three songs and enough progaganda to take over the world, ANTI-FLAG sends "Death Of A Nation". Their first-ever live DVD has it all including videos for 'Turncoat', 'Post-War Breakout', and 'Death of a Nation'. Ripping sounds that will have you thrashing around the living room, hand grenades not included.
PO Box 71266
Pittsburgh, PA 15213

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