Here's what I found in me box this month...

April - 2004

THE HANGMEN bring us Loteria - The latest from this LA band. Yeah! These guys got what it takes. Rock'n'roll at itÝs best. Hard, driving lyrics, hard driving guitars. Sweet! Coming to a town near you. Great cd. A must in any of ya's rockpile!
KELLY PROJECT - & now for something completely different - Let's not let this talent go to waste. Inspired jazzy r&b, latin & rock-reggae. A nice World Beat feel. Chill music. Nice double cd to keep on the back burner for those days when banging your head just ain't enough. Hey, take it home with ya, your parents will be soo impressed. A really cool vocal, used as an instrument, nice. Sexy sax, cool bass, romantic beats. Ooo, I feel like dancing!
This ain't no Punk Rock - Kickin' It At The Barn - Don't laugh - but LITTLE FEAT just sent their latest cd to me. They still got what brought them into the world back in '69. If you are into something a little lighter- great, otherwise it's a great gift for Mother's day! She might start dancing on the kitchen table! How embarrassing! Good ol' fashioned American country rock'n'roll blues at it's best. Finger lickin' good.
BERNIE TORME - Wild Irish comes from one our favorite old boys of hard rock. The original metal guitar god returns with a fab 2 cd set. It rocks! Go back to time when Ian Gillan, Ozzy & Dee Snyder ruled the world and you'd probably find him there playing up a storm. This Irish lad still got the looks & the licks! Wanna know how it's done, pick this up and grab an earful! It kicks the butt out of any wanna be! His start with the Boom Town Rats sure got him going on the right road! Talk about screaming guitar! He's one of the best, and don't you forget it!
THE OCEAN AS MISTRESS brings us their debut, In Ruins - cool, soft, round. This Florida band's creative streak is running like a water fall. Lovely music from a talented band. Good on them.
Your Best Sucks - PISS ANT's latest release is nice and nasty. This band's got a lot going for them. From the start we knew they were the good stuff, here's the evidence. This kicks ass! Fab vocals from Josie Kat with superb backing from the band. They take you into their world of punk rock'n'roll with total pizzazz and superb production. Get this cd and play often!
Dr. Strange brings us relief with EXTERNAL MANACE - The Process Of Elimination - from Scotland, these boys are true, these boys are real, in your face, hard, stark. Punk your guts out. This is best ˇ you like GBH, you like Stiff Little Fingers, The Ruts? Eh? You'll love this. Get it, got it, good!
THE DIE HUNNS bring us Long Legs - Corey Parks (Nashville Pussy) & Duane Peters (US Bombs) It's f'ing great! Just the fix you need! Brings your blood back up to your brain! Back up to top speed, these guys just rock their guts out. Superb licks & tricks from your favorite gals & boys! Spring into action and get this in your ears. Hell, take a road trip and catch 'em live! I'm off!
LOCKWOOD self named cd is out of this world and into theirs. They came from out 'a space. Aliens sticking their sound in your ear, tripping it out, and messing with your brain. Slick synth sounds to shed your skin to. Slithering awareness of the inner soul breathing through your mind's eye.

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