Starr Tucker cd Reviews

Here's what I found in me box this year...

Tired Wing - Panzie* - Bushmaster - Vajra - Pink Cigar - The Dead Trick - Bloodcocks UK - Spanking Charlene  - Dr Void & The Death Machine  -  Button Down Runner - Sexy Heroes - Objex - Vaudeville & the Bad Omens - Lamb of God - OE (the Zero Band)

big city lights, loud fuckin' music


tired wings


This rawks! TIRED WINGS bring us While You Were Sleeping - pounding no frills down ‘n dirty rock, 70s style before the concept of metal was destroyed by hair bands. This is all about massive bass heavy rhythm topped by the rawest whiskey vocals and driving riffs. This debut CD brings us the latest heavy rock kings in the making. Oh bartender, make that a double!




New release from PANZIE*! LOVE & BLOOD - energetic hard rock ‘n’ roll magic - they pull no punches. Honing in their skills to perfection, this is powerful stuff. They know what they are doing and leave us poor suckers to soak up the sounds as we head to the bar from the brink of madness. This is powerful stuff, strong enough to propel you into the next universe and get you back in time for last call! Fuck Yeah!


revolution Rhapsody Bushmaster Gary D. Brown


REVOLUTION RHAPSODY (aka Uprising Music) by BUSHMASTER (aka/featuring  Gary D. Brown):  The definition of cool, Bushmaster gives us swampy Southern Blues on the latest release featuring Gary Brown on vocals and guitar. He has a unique style that made me wish the guitars were louder on the first 2 tracks.  It picked up after that.  The lyrics get deeper as you go along too.  These tunes rock you while getting you in the groove.  Favorite tracks are “Arizona Shame On Ya” and “Phony People”.  I double dare you to not get these songs stuck in your head.



There is a mix of goth with Eastern Indian themes on Pieroma from VAJRA, the brainchild of Annamaria Pinna. This record is polished and complex and you will get lost in her haunting vocals. Watch out Amy Lee!


pink cigar


PINK CIGAR brings us a 4-track EP from the UK, each track as intriguing as their logo.  And check out their photos.  I am definitely checking these guys out next time I am in London.  Sleaze and glam in one hot package…well four members.  I just wish there were more songs.  Starts off straight-ahead punk, then gets a little more seductive. Give us more soon, guys!

 dead tricks

THE DEAD TRICKS only have 5 songs to offer up right now, but their EP “YOU SHOULD HAVE WORRIED ABOUT IT” is killer.  Real rock n’ roll from NYC. Hot boys in studded belts, gravelly vocals and rocking guitars with a sexy androgynous chick on bass.  Not sure about the backing vocals on “Choch Wave” but everything else about the production (by Mike Gallo of one of my favorite bands AF) is way cool. You get the essence of the band in a live way but everything is just right in the mix and you don’t have to fight off bitches to get to the disgusting bathroom at a club.  Give me more!



BLOODCOCKS UK are actually from Vegas (Double Down Saloon to be exact) and mostly tour in Japan as they refuse to tour in America.  OK.  I guess in Japan, they’re more into blowup dolls and songs about monsters, Martians and kinky sex. Stupid psycho punk anthems that are a twisted guilty blast.


spanking charlene


From Wicked Cool Records, we got SPANKING CHARLENE’S new record, produced by Steven Van Zandt himself, who also offered up keyboards on the recording.  Charlene McPherson makes hard rock soul music with Alison Jones and Mo Goldner for “WHERE ARE THE FREAKS?”  Love “Stupid Me” and the title track!  Go GRRLS and guys!

DR. VOID AND THE DEATH MACHINES bring us teir own version of psychobilly from Jersey with DOUBLE FEATURE. The stand-up bass is cool but should be a bit louder. Killer vocals and guitar. This tight trio makes gruesome fun!!

buttondown runner

BUTTON DOWN RUNNER is 3 old-school rock dudes from NYC who recently united to bring the Bowery back in their 10-song disc RIGHT IN THE EYE.  There’s a bit of British jangle going on in the guitars, but the drums and vocals are definitely from the CBGB vaults.  Next time, spend a little more in the studio and less on the packaging; although it looks nice. I especially like “A Vampire’s Night”.

In John Law we trust and if Banana Fish Zero is not an influence on Jersey’s SEXY HEROES, I would be shocked! Of course,they also bring a different sound into their syncopation and funny lyrics in what they call happy punk on “interroBang”. Sometimes they go a little Green Day or boy band, but we’ll forgive them because at least it sounds like they have their shittogether.



Hell yeah!  Rock is alive in Vegas, baby! Mohawk-sporting Felony Melony wails on the new record from The OBJEX, RESERVATIONS FOR DEBAUCHERY.  The song “R.S.V.P.” explains it all.  Rockabilly swing with punk rock roots, these scorching tunes will leave you wanting more. Luckily, they’re already in the studio again!




Yeah baby!  Thank god for Italy!  Milan brings us VAUDEVILLE & BAD OMENS featuring Daniele Balelli, Adelaide Rossi, Michele Visciarelli and Alessandro Gatta.  Killer riffs, awesome vocals, professional quality and unique sound. The album VOYAGE is full of bluesy, mysterious rock ‘n roll! Can’t wait to hear more.



LAMB OF GOD just gets better and better as is proven on RESOLUTION from Epic Records.  Even if you’re not into cookie monster vocals, you will be banging your head to the groove and digging on the lyrics.  Good on these guys for sticking with it and representing Waste bands in true pro style.



OE (THE ZERO BAND) from Norway (Hell, Norway according to their website) seems a little young and tentative but you can tell they’ve heard an AC/DC record or two.  Their singles, including “UP AND DOWN” keep it real and rocking.