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November 2004


HIT & RUN say Don’t Fuck With Me - Bringing you the best in youth, mosh-pit mayhem. Who gave you the angry stick? Frustrations running on high-octane impulse beat. Adrenaline rush-hour sounds to get you through that shitty day job.

www.hitnrun.ca  www.longshotmusic.com

Songs In The Key of Eh – Live From Toronto – Okay, here we go, the circus is in town and in the center ring it’s the MAD CADDIES playing from the high wire. They are bad assed with a touch of two-tone and they’re at their best in this cd. What a performance, it truly is from the heart. With a vast musical repertoire, you gotta hear this stuff. It’s brilliant, exciting & it’ll hit you in the funny bone! This is keeper!

www.madcaddies.com  www.fatwreckchords.com

SHADOWS FALL The War Within - “Shadows Fall, oh this band is total heavy, man… I mean, really, I came back from the gig and felt like I’d been to an Iron Maiden, Metallica, Judas Priest gig, man, I mean really. No, I really mean it man… “ I heard this being said by a fan in the street one night. Well, you know, I believe he is right. So if that’s your bag, then this is for you - I mean really!

www.shadowsfall.com  www.centurymedia.com 

Ahh, this is good stuff. PEEPSHOW III A compilation of videos, interviews & idiocy! This DVD is full of your favorites. Anti-Flag, Nerf Herder, Strung Out, The Lawrence Arms, Rise Against, Mad Caddies, No Use For A Name Sick Of It All, Lagwagon, None More Black, Goober Patrol, Subhumans, Squirtgun, Bad Asronaut, Avail, No FX and 35 + chapters movie and stuff and madness and have a good laugh - right on passed the ending! It really makes you wish you were there! (Well, where the hell were you? Eh?) Fat Wreck Chords is gonna rock your holiday this season! NY Waste approved!


THE OPERATORS 780 send us theirs. Good solid Clash-ish stuff, a reggae rhythm punk beat to take you down. Nice elevator music. (Don’t you wish elevator music was this good!) It’ll elevate you to the next level- Jah Man. Texan kids trying out something old and something new. Getting a good groove on.

www.operators780.com  www.longshotmusic.com


THE VOLUNTEERS send us their first album and yes, it rocks! Nice one lads! When are you coming to town? Rock licks with funky struts and a touch of the blues and a good sense of humor. These 3 boyz got talent. This is worth a dime in the jukebox! So, yeah…


 SICK OF IT ALL oh, yeah, here it comes… Outtakes For The Outcast The first track “I Believe” says it all. Says exactly the way it is. 15 trax making up the best of this band to fix you up - short to the point, no messing around and plenty of stuff that ain’t never been heard before. These guys are the best. Forget the rest. The enthusiasm smashes through the impervious shield. They used to call it a wall of noise, I call it excellent. No kidding around, you know the beauty of it all, these boys can really play. If you only have one, this is the one.


PITTY SING send in <<demons, you are the stars in cars ‘til i die>> - cool emo, pop, electronic rock. Great vocals from Paul Holmes, reminiscent of Simple Minds, but this is new, fresh without belonging to the past. This is great start to a new generation of music. Get yours; it hits the stores Jan. 25.

www.pittysing.com www.ormusic.com

MOHAWKS & WHISKEY SHOTS High-powered Punk compilation of some newbie kids from your block. This’ll perk up your back yard BBQ, so go ahead and give it whirl. You’re gonna find a few trax that’ll bend your ear in the right direction. From Greenland Whalefishers, to Brodii Split, to Black Flamingo, to Mr. Plow ‘n there’s plenty more where that came from. 24 kick bands to mess with your head!


TRAVOLTAS bring us The High School Reunion looking a bit old for high school, but apparently still stuck in that 50’s retro pop era. Bubblegum pop for a bubblegum bum.



SIGUR ROS send in Von – Just as I thought, our brothers from Iceland are really effin’ stoned! Oh, boy, you’d better be if you want to live through this one! 12 trax on this CD. Enough to grow an extra brain to. I think they musta made it legal over there or somethin’. Actually, it’s quite delicious and comes across as a psychedelic requiem. Their a kinda’ Pink Floyd for the new millennium. Very beautiful.



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