Starr Tucker: CD Reviews

Here's what I found in me box this month...

Winter Warmers...

SNATCH MAGNET rock the fuck out with - Screw, Nut & Bolt – This is serious production with some serious talent on board. With a nod to the metal gods in Call Of The Maiden just proves they can, but this is not the sum total, the rest of this 7 track CD has way more going on, a veritable eclectic collection of abilities from these five LA dudes… now get on with it and create some more! You just proved you can do everyone else’s, now find yourselves!

JAY BANERJEE sends us Kissing Booth – I’ll Pay You $10 – pure pop to get you thru your heartbreaks – sweet! This is really lovely stuff coming all the way from Brooklyn. Unassuming and full of self-loathing, just the type to take home to meet mom, except… he is… his music has a wonderful sense of what music is made of. Crafted with love and understanding.

THE DIEMAKERS – bring us Assault All Your Senses - a nod to the underground 60s rock steady beat. “Please Don’t Go” reaches low distortions that totally hit that acid groove. I’m gonna keep my eye on these rockers, I feel promise of things to come!

PETER BLAST - Straight Up No Ice is straight up rock’n’roll to the max! Four tracks to rock your soul to. Mix all those favs all time rockers of yours add a shake of millennium spice from Sami Yaffa, sprinkle a little Geno Martino and Dan Curry among the chosen few and you something going on. This 4 track CD really gets your mojo working.

The F-UNITS are back with 12 new tracks to drive you thru the endless monotony called life. Bright as a shiny button, they come up with new and exciting ways to tantalize your senses. ALONE IN BABYLON brings us back to the sanity called NYC Rock ‘n Roll!!! Thanks guys, ‘n I thought I was loosin’ it for a minute there!

MARK PRINDLE - My Wife Beats Me Because These Songs Are Terrible – this is art and it has no boundaries, rhythmic chaos which somehow feels soothing and right and makes you feel perfectly at home – remember Velvet Underground – well there you go. Makes you think, what the hell is going on, why am I here, why is this here, the fundamental questions of life are all here in this cd by the inimitable genius that is Mark Prindle. Just ask him, I’m sure he won’t disagree…

DELUKA bring in the poppunk magic to the max with You Are the Night – all the way from Birmingham UK with a voice made from black satin sheets. Think abba vs blondie, yeah, I know, but for some reason, this chick’s got attention grabbin’ that makes me wanna rave all nite, then go out and kill little kittens… (Hey, calm down Starr - NYWaste cares and no kitten or any other creature living or otherwise was harmed during the creation of this newspaper or write up or condones such behavior or even suggests it. Starr is out of control!! - Ed.)

FAMILY FUN – Expects Nothing – but does it all! Homegrown dirtypunknroll! Yeah, the party’s started and they are rocking the neighborhood! A small and rawkus contribution to the place we call home. Luv it!

DARK SHADOWS – Invisible – no more, this 5 track teaser of what’s to come is “This Is As Good As It Gets” and that’s the word. Magic prevails in this vamp-billy trio, given half a chance, they’ll whip your butt baby! So do us all a favor go grab yourself a piece of this! This band just does it the way it should be done - with f***in’ finesse!

THE AFTERBIRTH – all the way from Brooklyn. DIY Punk for the new generation! Anyone who hangs out in their birthday suit to sing “Fuck Christmas” gotta be all right with me! Then go on to record Monsterbator – Dead Girls Don’t Say No ‘n I Cum Nuclear Waste - all this just for my entertainment! Just gimme more! More sex more drugs more rock’n’fuckin’roll!! The Afterbirth, downloading from a myface near you…

THE LAST STAND unleash manic hard core metal for the true bloods. A light relief in these times. 4 tracks to see you thru your xmas blues.

CHROMATIC BLACK rock out with manic Munich rock – yeah, you heard right! Five lunatics are on the loose. Listen to this as it grabs you by the balls and shakes you out of your mind. They got the chops the licks and the whatever it takes attitude.