Starr Tucker: CD Reviews

Here's what I found in me box this month...


Winter Willy Warmers!


OWL send us their self-titled album featuring the brilliant talents of Vox/Bass Chris Wyse (The Cult), drummer Dan Dinsmore (The Clay People), and guitarist Jason Mezilis (Your Horrible Smile). This is wonderful dark driving rock with all the twists that you can’t get enough of. With this line-up, bringing the sounds we love into the next decade, Violent Center, Alive, Pusher, One Man Disaster keep you hanging on the edge, as are all 5 songs offered as a free download, so get yours now, then buy the CD, sit back, light one up & relax... this’ll get you thru the holidays.


A NEW MONTAGE – Fresh on the scene, Tony Shafor- Guitar/Vocals Brandon Burke- Drums give us a straight up garage rock. Worth keeping an ear out for, these 2 musicians get off to a great debut.


FOX FEATHER bring us Fox Feather – excellent heavy rock from Norway’s best. Gutsy, ballsy vox over heavy rhythm bass, drums and guitar gettin’ ready to smash up the next hotel room as they storm troupe their way across the globe. Grab the cd and join in this march to Valhalla!


Connecticut kids KING SEXY send us their latest In Sexycolor – punk-junk that will make ya laugh, make ya cry, make wanna jump ‘n shout “WadaF*^$”.


Glamrockers GUNFIRE 76 bring us pure NY Dolls/Stooges - kick ass rock ‘n roll from China Grove, NC. Casualties & Tragedies is a killer album, brought to you by Murderdolls front man, Wednesday 13, Roman Surman (guitar), Dave Muselman (guitar, formerly of Jet Black Stare), Scott Whalen (bass player, also of Econoline Crush) and Rob Hammersmith (drums, current member of Rockets To Ruin.) catch ‘em on tour with the Sex Slaves in January somewhere else. Dirty rock for a dirty jacked up mind.


Cheers to BEANTOWN BOOZEHOUNDS who Pour Another Round – You may think that this is just another drunken collective soul, but Beantown Boozehounds can seriously put you into a delirium with their interesting take on DUI while On The Road. These guys are not only the nicest bunch of drinkin’ buddies you could ever want but they also deliver a ‘fuck yeah’ tune to go with that 6 pack! Rawkus!! No party should be without one!


BLACK DAWN deliver Age Of Reason with a hard metal punch. Their latest album maxes out as BD come to age, the age of hostile takeover. This album will have all you metalheads banging yer brains out to air-guitar heaven. Get this perfect fix, and pass one on to fellow thrashers for the holidays.


DECEMBER’S SHADOW thrash out The Hands Of Fate with punishing vocals and streaming guitars driven by smooth, speedway drumming. They got one hell of an engine under that hood! So metalheads beware, this is what you’ve been jonesing for.


Hardcore punks NO FRIENDS send me their self titled CD stuffed full of 10 turn it up, fuck the neighbors, tunes. Stick this on and close your eyes and there you are, instantly, in the pit, moshin’. Get this - it’s loaded!


Direct import from Brooklyn, Coney Island Cowboy, the latest from SEAN KERSHAW AND THE NEW JACK RAMBLERS - Fun all around, from Sean Kershaw lead vox & rhythm git; Steve Antonakos, lead git & backing vox; Bob Hoffnar, pedal steel guitar; Jason Hogue, upright bass; Andy Borger, drums
Between the Moonlight Eyes & Piggy in the Middle, you’ll get a full dose that will satisfy all yaws country needs, and there’s a killer version or 6 Days On The Road. Yeeha!


THINNING THE HERD bring 5 song Devil Mask to the table – reeking of late 60’s, early 70’s influence (Hawkwind) this three piece that brings you smash it up psycho hard rock that will have you headbangin’ your way to the front of the stage!


FLYING MACHINES Self-Titled Debut album is superb. Pop Rock at it’s best. Vocalist William Ryan George has a range rivaling Freddy Mercury, and backing musicians to astound with their creativity. Based here in NYC, make sure you catch ‘em before the big-time takes them away…


CHILD BITE bring full on lunacy with Fantastic Guts of Blood – This is eccentric post punk at it’s best. Full on mania rules this bunch, and this Motorcity band is calling out to all the crazies. The array of musical talent gets a serious work out with this release. Devo? Talking Heads? One step beyond the norm…

Okay, so GIGGLE THE OZONE tries to confound us with Expo Nexus - Just when ya think, "oh that's what this is all about" it goes in another direction. Kinda like a science fiction opera about, oh I don't know... I have no idea what's going on here, or maybe a series of perception experiments perpetrated on perpetual post punk posers. Trippy, non threatening torture you can dance to. Captain Beefheart ain't making music anymore, so somebodies gotta do it!


GIRL TO GORILLA send us soemthing that seems to harken back to the days when the term "new wave" didn't mean trendy watered down sellout. Super Deluxe Custom Experience is fun power pop with attitude.

UNDEAD sent a 45! Yeah, a black shiny vinyl thingy with the ol' spiral scratch called Made a Monster. Neat huh? 'Cept I don't have a record player. Good song though, had to go over a friends apartment with a coupla sixes, a bag o' weed and relieve the 80's. Even the cool cover cartoon art evokes that era.

Don't forget to fold the cover, Mad Magazine style, and see what pops up!


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