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Here's what I found in me box this year...
Zodiac Death Valley, Killcode, Sonic Pulse, Spit Like This, Urban Snake, Mother, Fate Strikes Twice, Colin Schiller and the reactions, Strings of Atlas, Scars of Bourbon, Ice Jupiter Groove, Fallsstart, Fontenot





:::KILLCODE::: bring us major stadium sound - Whiskey-drenched vocals, firing off shotgun guitar riffs andcanon ball drums, this is classic American rock'n' roll with a new millennium metal twist to the old game. Killer sounds just waitingfor your download!

ZODIAC DEATH VALLEY - Zodiac Death Valley

This San Fran band has spaghetti western sounding music a la Quentin Tarantino. Which I guess is whatyou would expect from a Haight area psychedelic rock band. The drums are just right on target and the guitars are smooth as a baby’sbutt. The organ is a sweet touch that keeps it dirty enough for hipsters and real rockers alike. This is a great record to listen toat home, a bar, in the car and I’m sure the live show is just one drunken orgasm. Yes, yes, yes!!!

SONIC PULSE - Larger Than Life – three crazy fuckin' guys just having a hell of a time! “Pizza Thrash Metal” guaranteed to piss off the neighbors! Party with tracks like Queen of Beers and Bong Zombies, Eye Of the Beerholder, this stuff will get your blood pumping and all yous ills with fade away! What a breath of fresh air!!

SPIT LIKE THIS - Normalityville Horror to our attention – Alternative Horror-Streaked UK Glam Punk - you gotta love this band. Madness abounds mixed with ripping rock hard magic ready to F#$k your brains out of it's skull! Visit them on:

URBANSNAKE - Who Says Goodnight

Who knew the Bronx could rock like this? Great vocals and heavy guitars sound old and new all at once and come at you like a stick ball bat. These guys hold true to their name, lashing out with lyrics that jump at you, ready to strike! “Blame Your Pain On Me” is a stand-out-after you get past the long intro. Cool groove. Couldn’t access their website though…naughty, naughty.

MOTHER - Dissonant Young

Pantera sounding music with Vince Neil sounding vocals makes an interesting combo of New York’s new hard rock music. You won’t be able to resist banging you head on “Digital Monster” and “Out Alive”. “So Long” is kind of a left-field ballad that really conjures up Motley Crue.

FATE STRIKES TWICE - Fate Strikes Twice

Yeah Jersey still kicks ass for slamming hard rock and metal. These Morris County guys just got together in 2010 so hopefully they’ll start to invent something a little more original but I am sure they can get any sweaty dive jumping. “Meat Grinder” and “Snorting God” are personal faves.

And they actually have a decent website. Yes, I’m on a rant about that at the moment.


When I saw that these guys are from Greenpoint, I immediately thought “oh no…hipsters” but really they are more throwback rock like Cheap Trick which makes them pretty entertaining despite the slight jangliness of the guitar. They are a little poppy but upbeat and fun. I’d go out with ‘em.


Strings Of Atlas is really just one El Paso, Texas hottie named Atlas Cage. He plays everything and sings and he’s hypnotic with all of it. It’s a little bluesy and psychedelic for what we normally listen to here at the Waste, but it’s just impossible to resist. Try it, you’ll see.


Paul and Justin Hoffman of PA form Scars of Bourbon built on 10 years of trial and error with other band members. These fellas do have their own sound which is nice. It can be a bit emo at times but definitely rocks out. The drums and guitar really stand out with some fine vocals and melodies.

ICE JUPITER GROOVE - faces in the street

From the other side of the world, we have Sean and James Lee of Sydney, Australia. I can’t exactly pinpoint who they remind me of but it definitely hearkens black eyeliner and ripped mesh shirts and fishnets. The harmonies are really intriguing despite the fact that sometimes they are a little spacey 70’s…but like many 70’s bands, the musicianship is stellar so I guess they are allowed to be a little other-worldly.


Military guys from Hawaii who are making some very pro music during their times on leave, this trio definitely had a Green Day thing going on, but it’s not annoying. They are very tight and the vocals are great even if what they call “alternative pop rock” can get a little tedious. The title track and “Carnivale” are cool tunes. I hope I get a chance to check ‘em out live one day.

FONTENOT - Fontenot EP

This Cali group shies away from outside electronics to influence their sound, so they can stay authentic and raw. THANK YOU! There is no abundance of effects or jangle here and that’s what makes them interesting in a Billy Corgan way. “You Make Me High” and “Low” both killer tracks and I am looking forward to hearing more from this newish band.

Ya Know? JEY RAMONE posthumous recording is fantastic cd!
Produced and recorded by many friend of Joey. keeping the original Joey vocals, taken from demos recorded way back when... from the 1st to last track it just rocks with Joey's fabulous never to be forgotten vocal style and feeling for great music. One thing he really understood was what made good music. “21st Century Girl” & “There's Got To Be More To Life” really stem from the Ramones legacy, they may lack the punch and hunger of young Ramones, but have gained the age producing knowledge of the musicians that all who helped to put this together bring to the table.
Ramones' fans let's go! Go get it.. NOW!!