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Here's what I found in me box this month...

Serpenteens, Grande, The Undead, Jukebox Year Book 2006 from Last Chance Records, After Dark, Trauma Team, Bushmaster, Broken Land, Innocence is a Bliss, Crimson Sweet

Summertime Blues!!


Are you ready for "The Superhuman Monstershow",  the latest offspring from the SERPENTEENS. Drop dead rock-n-roll with a foot in the grave, crusher guitars and massive vocals. From the streets of NYC with a kick in the ass - when this hearse is rockin don't bother knockin.

Check out the latest four song sampler from GRANDE. Seductive hits and powerful licks, rock-n-roar with a just enough metal to keep the devil happy. The girl can sing, and these boys know how to satisfy... waste rock is on the rise - get an earful, the future is knocking at the door.

Listen up creatures of the night... nineteen tracks of pure '81. THE UNDEAD send "Still Undead After All These Years", a mix of studio and live material that will have you feeling alright! Black leather guitars, midnight vocals and one hell of a bottom line. This one's for the spiky, died and dirty.


Cat Piss Studio & Last Chance Records send "Jukebox Year Book 2006" featuring SCOTT DELUXE DRAKE, MONEYCHANGERS, REPTILIAN CIVILIAN, MUDDY RIVER NIGHTMARE BAND, CRACK CITY ROCKERS, MORGAN GRACE, THE SLIP ITS, THE ONES, 8 FOOT TENDER and PURE COUNTRY GOLD. A mix of rock, punk, garage and home spun that shoots from the hip, if you're looking for something new this summer here it is - turn it up loud and throw a party.

Last Chance Records

Heavy meddlin... AFTER DARK sends "The Resurrection EP". Five songs and no excuses, ripping guitars and bass, crusher drums and throaty vocals - a suffocating mix that swallows you whole.  The perfect soundtrack to the end of the world.

Out for blood - TRAUMA TEAM 666 sends their latest single "Lazy Pervert" with "Never A Virgin" as the B side, recorded live at Badass Burlesque. A little of this and a whole lot of that, post-punk gutter darlings out to tear this city a new one, catch 'em soon before satan wants them back.

This summer's screamer goes out to BUSHMASTER and their mellow, fast rocker "Drowning On Dry Land". Rollin blues with a pick-up full of licks, real music for great times - smooth whiskey tunes that go the distance. Imagine Hendrix on tour with Taj Mahal, lost in PA on their way to Chicago... friggin brilliant.

Trip to, heave and ho, further down the rabbit hole... BROKEN LAND send "Audio Postcard". Picture Syd Barrett's Pink Floyd in a game of lawn darts with The Jam, to see who gets to sit next to Mark Bolan at the big kids table. Jangly bits and fractured lyrics, basement rock from the other side of life.

This summers must have disc - INNOCENCE IS BLISS "A Female Frenzy Of Sensational Sounds". Post punk surf rock that lives up to its title, great stuff that you can really sink your teeth into. Sixteen tracks featuring THE PORTUGAL JAPAN, NASTIES, THE COCKTAIL SLIPPERS, THE PLUNGERS, ZOMBINA AND THE SKEKETONES, THE MUDLARKS, TIZZY and THE RABIES just to name a few. From the garage to the beach these girls have got you covered, sunscreen sold separately.

It must be my birthday... a 45 on clear vinyl from CRIMSON SWEET featuring "Wired for the Last Move" and "Basement Star" on the B side. Rip roaring good stuff that mixes well with whatever your drinking, 18 wheel heavy and sealed with a kiss. XOXOXO

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