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Nocal band THE CHOP TOPS sling us Evil Six Revisited, it's their 3rd album with a supped up engine, one shot of this juice 'n you'll be revving to go! Re-recorded 'n re-mastered bringing new life to some seriously high end lip smakin', gas guzzlin', high octane Rockabilly candy!

10¢ FUCK FLICKS: Eight Songs About Drugs And Sex plus more! This just cums and cums again. Get this little 45 and enjoy a pull out poster to cream on. This is a killer cd with trax to keep your neighbors up all nite! Hey, Fuck 'em if they can't take a joke! This one will tear 'em a new hole and keep that smile plastered all over your face! Fuck Yeah!

ERIC 13 launches Ritual Dance – Eric 13 (Sex Slaves) explores his romantic side in this solo project, killing us softly with each and every note he sings. Fireside music to fuel a fiery romance.
Eric 13 continues to expand his musical language… Music, the most extraordinary of all the arts, unlike any other, can really turn the mood of the space your are in, mentally and physically.  Abstract and figurative at the same time.  Eric 13 fills the air with sound-waves of beauty and with nodes of the angst that come with living in these uncertain times. Catch him on tour, not so solo these days as he's picked up with Johnny Richie...

Straight out of the UK -
ARGONAUT – the perfect mix of silky smooth vocals n' bitter sweet lyrics hitting you were it counts. Think Garbage/Hole. Killing you softly, each track of this album seduces you towards a darker space - phantoms linger, waiting in the wings...
Out on Criminal records.

KINETIK come together in Heavier Elements - They rip your head off and deliver it to a planet made of pure metallic metal melodic madness topped off with gut wrenching vocals. So rise up and get ready for a serious treat, they got this one down to the perfect science!
Go now and download the new single off their up coming album free!

SUGAR LOVE HONEY is a powerhouse of cool. Low strung chords, laid back vocals and rock hard riffs. This is the good stuff for all. They hail from deep rock roots: Quiet Riot, Narcotic Gypsies, Widowmaker, Bad Moon Rising, Kreep, Grayson Manor.  These boys are fast to fuel the new wave of east coast rock - NWOECR, how about that then... think Killcode...

KEYDRAGON seek to please us with their offering to the devils own musical playground. Out there in the woods, one dark yet moonlit night... the maiden is stalked by demons awaiting the sign... the eighth album from this band brings us Mythical – a gothic mystical mythical magic full of doom and destruction but with a very positive attitude towards it.

If you happen to be in the California area, check out rockers POND CIRCLE  - they come to us with bass heavy sounds. I'm feelin' good about this band, 'Throw It All Away' and 'Nothing To Me' are keeping my eye on this bunch. This is pure stoner rock!!  Raise yer fist & bang ya head to the melodic riffs.

If you come from Victoria Australia
I AM DUCKEYE must be gods! They are a punk supreme with nothing to offer except everything you could possibly want from this postpunkapocalypse album Punching Dicks! They have more balls than all four of them put together. “What” you might say? Yes, with solid as a hard-on rhythms and I'll fuck you funny lyrics, what could you possibly want more? Give yourself a break, have a Duckeye!

Hard fast Brooklyn Garage Punk Rockers BORN LOOSE deliver a very needed album for the collection. With the hunger of Electric Frankenstein or The Bullys, this is the fix I've been looking for. Tight gripping licks from a bunch of crazies punching it out to the airwaves as solid as a mack truck. Thank goodness, whew, and I was loosing heart in this world of tepid crap they keep ramming down our throats. When the fuck is this going mainstream, you know there's a million screaming kids out there hungry for this!!

LIBYAN HIT SQUAD mosh it up perfectly in Full Circle – their latest release is designed to kill any pre-concepts you have. There are no rules not broken in this album. Fast on their fingers and thinking fast on their feet. Using diversity and no fear, hinting on madcap zanie humor with an ability to cut through the shit and produce unheard excellence. Knock 'em back with a shot of crazy, they may come from Orlando but this ain't no disney band, this cool rockin' mayhem is delicious!

BERGO '45 send us a batch of catchy tunes. Feels like the heyday of college radio when these guys were probably 2. Tight musicianship, just raw enuff to be fun.

YEEEEE-HAAAW! COACH N' COMMANDO come up with Kids'll Lose Their Heads. Twangy shit kickin' country punk duo couldn't be anymore redneck than ifin' these boys had married their sisters, likin' their pappys did, n' their pappys 'fore 'em.