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October - 2005


Everything of Dead Teenager records rocks… “Tight Empire” comes from BIBLE OF THE DEVIL. A hellbent offering to the original man in black. AC/DC on a 3 week bender with the ghost of Thin Lizzy – Pure coffin rock!


Heavy duty… THE NILLAZ send me “Home Wrecker”- Hard-core-metal-hip-hop with a slap upside your head. Fire it up and grab a 40 – These boyz are out to destroy.


PROPAGANDHI sends me “Potemkin City Limits” – Hardcore post punk rocked fuel vocals and one hell of a guitar. Wonderful aggression from the new school.


MAD HAMPSTERS sends me “Squaler Town” – A very hungry mix of rock, punk, garage & metal that bites your ear and won’t let go. Let us know when you get to town. XOXOX


I like sex… THE SEXRAYS send me their self titled monster. Laytex vocals, garage guitars and kickin’ tunes with songs like “God Save The Sperm” & “Inflatable Lover” You know you want it!


THE DIMESTORE HALOES send me “The Ghosts of Saturday Night” – Back street sound, dirty vocals & ‘thunderous’ licks. Steady, driving tunes for all the punks ‘n’ dolls.


Lovely… THE NEW PROFESSIONALS send me “Come Hell or High Drama” – Brilliant, moving words coming from the heart over powerful tunes and kick ass grooves... feel the pain... feel the wonderment... hear the calling... What more could you ask for. Run to your local disc dealer and get yours.


Big Rock… THE NERVE sends me their latest self-titled release. Huge vocals, fat guitars and a bit of humor. Check ‘em out and tell them the Waste sent ya!


Dig it… the “Smash & Grab E.P.” comes from BLACKOUT SHOPPERS – Gutter rockers with a whole lot of fuck you – drink up and fall down, then do it all over again.


Crazy stuff… BONBOMB sends me “The Sedated Nations” – A smashing mix of punk, new wave and lofi that goes the extra mile. Kitchen sink future rockers who are out to take over the world.


All the Weasel hits on one CD… THE SCREECHING WEASEL sends me “Weasel Mania” – Post punkers who’ve been on the scene since ’88. A rip-roaring collection for fans and first-timers.


Check it out… PROTECT “A Benefit For The National Association to Protect Children” – 26 bands featuring SMOKE OR FIRE, NOFX, ANTI-FLAG and AGAINST ME. Just name a few. Hardcore with a heart – I wonder if this is part of their community service.


Hell Yeah!… NASHVILLE PUSSY send me “Get Some” – A Massive mix of rock and roar that delivers. Thirteen songs that will have ya stompin’ your ass off. In a world full of shitty corporate posers, Pussy rules the Wasteland.


The ALTERBOYS send me “Greatest Hits” Vol 2 - They’re angry & young, punk & German… A crusher collection of fire starters. From a land that knows how to throw a war. Boys will be boys…


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