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Here's what I found in me box this month...

May Day!!


Check it out... “Hell Is Invisible... Heaven Is Her/e” from PSYCHIC TV / PTV3. A crazy ass mix of kitchen sink rock-n-roll another one. Post new wave with a whole lot of stomp, ferocious bass lines and gutter vocals. Great stuff that takes you by surprise and never lets go.

This month’s soundtrack to a speeding ticket... COBRETTI sends “Violation Guaranteed”. Down and dirty rock-n-roll with an ear to the street. Racing guitars and one hell of a bottom line, let us know when you get to town - these cats are on fire.

Are you one of those girls who chopped all the heads off your dolls? RASPUTINA’S sends “Oh Perilous World” and things will never be the same. Classical punk goth gypsy rock that takes nothing for granted. Drop dead songs that blow you away - if you not a fan yet, listen up... dangerous stuff comes in many packages.

Full on go... MOTORAMA sends “Dirt Track Specialist”. Garage rockers with a thirst for gasoline, crusher guitars and trigger happy vocals. Kicking songs that shoot from the hip, check ‘em out before they hit the wall.

Last Chance Records

PO Box 42396, Portland OR 97242

Is that freedom rock? Turn it up! SYRUP sends their self titled release just in time for hot summer nights, cutting loose and getting wasted. 1970’s stoner rock that packs one hell of a groove, let us know when you hit the city.

Fresh young hope wrestling with the future... CAPITAL sends “Moment of Silence E.P.” and I’m torn - the first track rocks, after that it’s hit or miss. If your gonna rock - do it, save the rest for your girlfriend. All that aside you keep this up & next year you’ll be the bomb.

Heavy meddlin... DIABLO ROYALE sends their self titled release. Kickin drums, massive guitars and vocals to match, Bad ass rock-n-roar that keeps it evil - they put the devil back in metal.

Hard core bliss - MONSTER SQUAD sends “Fire the Faith”. The good, the bad and the ugly all on one disc, eleven songs that are out to tear you a new one. Ripping bass lines and throaty vocals seal the deal. Great stuff indeed!

The end of the world never sounded so good... CAREER SOLDIERS send their post punk kicker “Loss Of Words”. Caustic guitars, crusher vocals and a big old fuck you to all the corporate bullshit (you know who you are) that passes for punk these days. Turn it up loud and piss off the neighbors!

Hell yeah, THE INEVITABLE BACKLASH sends their “Sex For Safety - EP”. Featuring members of Rollins Band and Saccharine Trust this is one must have disc. All the songs are off the handle with no signs of stopping, great stuff for punks, hair farmers and motorheads. Rock-n-roll is back and these boys are kickin ass!

I love homegrown music... THE DIRT sends their latest madcap mix “Comes Alive”. Insane basement punk with drum machines, overdriven guitars and broken vocals - great stuff if your into that kind of thing. Spooky cover art by Beppi.

The Dirt

PO Box 22949, Baltimore MD 21203

Rock-n-roar... ANGRY GODS OF THE RADIO send “One Foot In The Fifth World”. Big songs that pack one hell of a punch, eighteen wheel guitars and whiskey vocals. Listen up - these boys are out to tear America a new one.

180 proof rock-n-roll – FM FX sends “Situation 404” and Waste central is on fire! Guitars, bass, drums and vocals that deliver... one of our unpaid intern just took a dive off the copy machine. Heavy when it needs to be, rockin with its foot to the floor, dangerous stuff for the punky died and dirty. Friggin brilliant.

Waste rock is on the rise... THE CUMMIES send their “E.P.” Back alley songs, trashy vocals and vicious guitars. From Bushwick with a kick in the ass - great stuff that’s even better live.

CHILD ABUSE sends their latest self titled release and it lives up to its name. Bi-polar metal with jazzy bits and insane licks. Not for those with heart conditions or women who are pregnant or nursing.

Listen up wasties... I.C.U. sends their latest 45 on white vinyl featuring “17 Minutes” and Syd Barrett’s “See Emily Play”. Both tracks kick ass, everything comes together smashingly. Great stuff that mixes well with whatever your drinking.

You can never have enough vinyl... BIG FUN sends their latest 45 featuring “Passing The Time” and “Hold On”. Sing along cool with a sound that’s good for the park, beach or Lower East Side. XOXOXO.

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