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Here's what I found in me box this month...

Spring has Sprung! Boing!!


THE RATS send their latest EP preview and it’s off the charts. Suicide vocals, ferocious guitars and great songs grab you by the hips and won’t let go. Rock-n-roll never dies, it just goes underground.


Oh this is cool… NO PRONTO sends their latest, a laid back mix of post-punk and garage rock that goes the extra mile. Their touring the East Coast this Spring, check them out and tell them the Waste sent ya.


“Dirt Fist Feet” is the latest ass kicker from
- Good tunes that shake and groove, a killer mix of basement vocals and black leather guitars. Driving songs that go with whatever your drinking.


Were in an “Information War” the latest from
- An alcohol injected groove machine that raps and rolls… if your into the big beats, check ‘em out – they’ve got it going on and then some.


Metal monsters VERSUS THE MIRROR send “Home” - Ripping guitars and red line vocals, an eighteen wheel crusher that will have ya flying around the room. Throat drops not included.


Hell and high water, SPEAKERS FOR THE DEAD send “Prey For Murder” - Hardcore rockers looking for trouble – stellar guitars, massive beats and a never ending hunger for the grave. These boys are on fire.


LACUNACOIL sends their slick metal rocker “Karma Code” - Powerful guitars – big vocals and leanings towards over the top. Very musical, I almost feel like I’m at the theatre.


More bang for the buck, check out STRANDED IN STEREO Vol.02 featuring THE SOUNDS, JOAN JETT, THE COPS, SUPERCREEP, ANTIFLAG, NICOLAI DUNGER, SOMETHING FOR ROCKETS, MORNINGWOOD and THE AFFAIR just to name a few of the bands that fill this two CD audio/video power pack. XOXOXO.


Rock-n-howl… THE SHOCKER sends “Up Your Ass Tray – The Full Length” - A down and dirty mix of guitars and vocals that soars as it crawls across the bar room floor. Two girls, three guys and a whole lot of fuck you.


Friggin ‘eh… OSAKA POPSTAR and the
AMERICAN LEGENDS OF PUNK featuring John Cafiero with Jerry Only, Dez Cadena, Ivan Julian and Marky Ramone is this month’s pop rocker. Off the hinges and no signs of stopping these guys are big in Japan and out to take over the world!


From the edge of dawn comes DAN MELCHIOR’s “Fire Breathing Clones on Cell Phones” - Syd Barrett licks, black light hits, a lofi kicker that will have ya scraping the bong. Delightful songs that stagger and sway with the best of them.


AC/DC with a shot of Jack… THE COMPULSIONS send “Laughter From Below” - Solid tunes that shoot from the hip, bad ass guitars and a rocking groove. Great songs for throwing bones and breaking laws. See ‘em out as they burn the city to the ground.


Lou Reed versus the Pretenders for the last dryer at the laundry mat… “Revelations” comes from JODI JETT - a soft mellow rocker that dips and swoons. Great vocals and nice licks, the perfect mix for late night drinking and being alone.

I feel like breaking things… GSX sends their latest “Manifest” - a punk-steady stomper that will have ya throwing down and looking for more. Sarah, Chris, Mike and Val are playing for keeps – sweet guitars, smashing vocals and a infectious beat… I think I’m in lust.

Now it’s a party… LOUIS ATLAS sends “Citizen of NYC” - A rub a dub mix of rock and reggae that will have you feeling fine. A little smile from across the way, well crafted songs for sunny days and getting laid.

I love insane music… THE SLOW POISONER sends “Fatal Floral Phonograph” - With lofi hits like ‘The Weeds Took Over The Town’ you know your in for good times. A fun filled basement rocker that will have ya tripping. PS: great art!

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