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May - 2005


Sweet... THE MESSENGERS send us their latest punk rocker ‘from the cultural wasteland otherwise known as Cincinnati’. Raw tunes that have what you’ve been looking for, great vocals and kick ass songs - let us known when you get to NYC.


“Burn Bright, Burn Fast”, ELECTRIC FRANKENSTEIN sends their latest fresh from the grave. Powerful and passionate, full on rocking where others fear to tread. Ripping guitars and gasoline vocals, these guys are the real deal.


Step into the punk rock lounge... COUNTRY CLUB sends “Friends Don’t Make Forearms”. Big guitars, bigger vocals and fat horns. Good songs for great times... these stuff must be great live. Hint, hint, hint.


Are you fucked up? You will be after listening to TWENTY RIPPED ANGEL and their latest “Days Full Of Nights”. A deadly mix of black metal and mind bending rhythms, this shit packs one hell of a buzz!
PO Box 12294, Baltimore MD 21281


Blondie meets the Feargal Shrkey for a little late night fun... THE EPOXIES send me “Stop The Future”. Synth punk rockers with a bag full of tricks, catchy vocals ‘n big licks. And with Fat Wreck Chords behind them, they’re out to take over the world.


Norwegian ruffness... NUDE PUBE BANGERS send me “Sexual Famine”. Powerful playing with all the trimmings, five songs that shoot from the hip - my favorite is ‘Booze Machine’. XOXOXO.


1968 in full stride... “Guilty As Sin” comes from the STONEAGE HEARTS. Psychedelic + Stooges, tripping guitars and dejavu rhythms. We tired licking the disc but nothing happened.


“Burn The Priest” LAMB OF GOD’s 1999 debut is back with a vengeance. Eighteen wheel heavy death rock - a massive metal mix that is not for the weak of heart or women who are pregnant or nursing. If you missed this the first time around, what the hell are you waiting for.


Williamsburg’s under attack... THE JFK Jr. ROYAL AIRFORCE sends me “Androids”. Shades of Syd Barrett’s Pink Floyd, a sinister mix of spaced out grooves and insane tunes produced by Billy Syndrome.


ROUE sends “Upward Heroic Motive” a back alley mix of noisy guitars and disaster vocals. The kids in the basement are up to something - check ‘em out this stuff is unhinged.
Exit Stencil Recordings
PO Box 110775, Cleveland OH 44111


Elvis Costello in a battle of the garage bands... THE SQUARES send me their latest “Very Sharp”. Two tone beats and heartbreak melodies, if you like to pump it up check them out.


Wonderful noise, VMW sends me their latest - a coked up collection of rockin’ bits that somehow form songs. No sleep and drum machines, if you like it freaky - this one will have ya smiling.


Get down with BROTHER EARTH and their latest demo, a dirty ass mix of rock and roar that delivers. Motown punk metal, these boys are one to watch. Catch ‘em live and tell them the Waste sent ya.


Driving the beat six feet into the ground... THE GRAVES BROTHERS DELUXE send me “Light”. Surreal rockers with a thumpin’ bass, supersized tunes with all the trimmings. Voodoo music for your darker moods, simply divine.

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