Starr Tucker cd Reviews

Here's what I found in me box this month...


Heating it up...

LOU SIFFER AND THE HOWLING DEMONS get the calling with The Devil's Ride - 5 guys with muscle car mania driving your brains. Pure rock ‘n’ roll at it’s finest, think Link Wray times Motorhead, with their own brand of motor driven madness. You can smell the gasoline fumes pouring out of this cd ready to ignite. They bring us 350 horsepower pounding your brains into the ground! With songs like ‘Legend’ ‘Gasser 55’ ‘Evil’ ‘Love, Sex, Death’ & ‘Bleeding Through’ you know you are in for the gas fueled ride of your life! These guys are part of the new breed of heavy metal kids, if you like Killcode your gonna love this in your bleeding ears!

Who is DINO FREGOSI? Get the Rock & Roller cd and find out. This cat can take on any character at any given moment! He’ll rip your heart apart with his rendition of the Beetles ‘Help’ then flick the switch and send your body shakin’ from your head right down to your toes. This cd is a mix of studio and live performances, from the smooth to the super raw! Glam to the max, he’ll get into your head and leave you completely wasted!

THE MOURNING SICKNESS create A Daydream on Oak Street - Punk licks against a background of odd familiarities put together with quirky humor & mayhem.

KEY DRAGON bring us Mythical – Love dungeons & dragons? Then this band is for you! Bring on king Arthur and the lady of the lake! This is “Dragon Metal”. An ancient alchemy created by this metalist mix of pure magical mystery. Eight cds in eight years! A nice legacy to throw out to the universe!

THE DI MAGGIO CONNECTION drive us crazy with The Route of Time – this is serious shit! Rockabilly to the max – perfect execution, especially that slight Italian stallion accent in his vocal execution! Did I say sexy? Marco Di Maggio, world renowned guitarist, has created 11 original firecracker tracks for your listening pleasure, but you won’t be able to just sit there! He has the whole of Waste Central jiving around the jukebox! Bring it on!

TANIA & THE REVOLUTIONARIES – Texan beauty, Lani Ford serves up justice in her new soul searching cd The Final Blow – just as you think here is a pretty chanteuse with a guitar and a few close friends for support and she drives you crazy with her lyrics! What, you say? Lani Ford’s no-holds barred approach to the long road to paradise is wrought with pitfalls and snares... not giving in to self pity, but more exploring the good the bad and the ugly, the fighting and puking and all things not so pretty. But it is not only the lyrics but the musical accomplishments of her fellow travelers that creates a sound well worth a listening to.

Flying Blind by SOUTHSIDE BOOGIE is a smooth ride, baby… Southern Rock, born in Brooklyn! Yup, you heard right… born in at the time of the Fillmore East heyday, 14 tracks of no holds barred, flag flying, classic boogie to rock your heart.
If you can find them you can catch ‘em!