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Here's what I found in me box this month...


Be Mine

Big Boy!


Look out! Here comes THE DUEL with “Lets Finish What We Started” - This album comes with all the warning signs of the something pretty fucking cool you’d expect from London Punk-Rockers. It couldn’t be more perfect, Tara Rez got the vox, Pumpy & Andy Thierum got the beat, Dave Renogade & Phil Honey got the strings & after listening to this you’ll be all tied up in a ‘77 whirl of delirium! I think they might be onto something here… check out Pet Semetary and their self named song The Duel feat. Knox from the Vibrators, oh, okay and Better Bombs Better Drugs and all the rest… boy this works for me! Let’s be havin’ you over to the USA!!!


Royal Blunts (yup, the rolling paper company) presents Mindsnap Music’s SONIC ONSLAUGHT Vol.3 This is the stuff for ultimate mosh pit mayhem. Track speed to warp your brains. DEAD BY WEDNESDAY “The Killing Project” will kill ya, while SUICIDE CITY, SCUM OF THE EARTH, THY WILL BE DONE, in fact 16 of the best, will make sure you stay down! This is the perfect compilation to screw your head back onto your shoulders! Turn it up and piss the neighbors off!


JASPER JAMES sends us her debut album “Vibrator” - Now, bare with me on this one, this is pop, pumpin’ disco, techno at it’s best, maybe belongs in the ‘80s, but “Get Some” just screams RAVE. Brilliantly produced by Crispin Thump, think Tina Turner sleeping with Grace Jones and Jean-Pierre Jeunet giving direction… Adventure, drama, fantansy…


SEA MONSTER brings us “Livin’ On Love… and Other Notes From The Killing Floor” (as seen in Hustler Magazine) – This is the perfect party mix! Bump up the volume, piss on the neighbor’s flower-bed, and Party on! There is something truly magical in Arthur Stevenson that will have you rockin’ to “The World’s Smallest Violin” and dancing in the “Valley of Fear.”


DARREN DECIDE that “The Jersey Devil Is Here” and yes, I think he probably is – Darren sings us the blues… on his lonesome with a guitar and “The Hudson River Hangover” & “Ms. Liverty Blues” to keep him company… This is sweet analogue blues to the max…


Their ain't nothing better than "Brown Bagging It" the latest from WORLD WAR IX. Punk rock and roar that never lets up, a full on sound that will have ya bouncin off the walls. PBR vocals, ripping guitars and a monsterous bottom line seal the deal made with Satan. Four new tunes from one of NYC's finest, get a copy or catch them live as they burn this city to the ground.
Red Black & Blue Records
PO Box 982, Vernon NJ 07462


Public Warning: IGLU & HARTLY "& Then boom" has been released in the streets of Manhattan, I found a copy at Otto's and brought it home (always willing to give a band the try). What a turd, they boast Chilli Pepper Paul's Boutique super cool but sound like a bad 80's dance band with leanings towards blue eyed hip hop. The CD alone is not my problem, it's the damn fact sheet that needs to be slapped with a restraining order of some type. We are the Waste and we will find you... these are our streets – Disneyland is in California.


Get excited... THE PRISCILLAS send "10,000 Volts". Future mod retro rockers with a kick in the tush. Jenny,

Guri, Hege and Kate have got a good thing goin – 'Jimmy In A Dress', ' Fly In My Drink' and 'Dirty Old T Shirt' are just of few songs that will have you shimmy shakin your money maker. Look 'em up online or catch 'em live and tell them Starr sent ya.


NOW YOU DIE send their latest internet sampler... crunchy punk from Australia, imagine the Sex Pistols versus Sam Hain in a full on battle royal. Big guitars and bigger vocals, catch 'em online while their still unsigned and giving it away for free.


ACETYLENE HAYES send "The Swordsman and The Stoner" over the e-vine. Crazy ass chronic metal core that will have ya swinging, bad ass tunes for all you dirty boys and girls. Wiggy stuff, it creeps up on you like some kind bud – fire up the computer and get some.


WYLDSKY bring us “Wyldsky” – their debut album. This is serious stuff from the heavy-rock world. Fine guitar licks coming from Great White’s Tyler Nelson, he’s pulled together a serious band here with great everything and this cd’s got with enough swish to urge your fingers to turn the volume up and light up a spliff. This is way worth getting your ear-wax syringed for!

GHOST OF A STRANGER bring us “Hers and Yours” - this new wave album gets it’s self off on synth ideals & back beat action, think the Cure. Smooth and playfull this is the stuff to show yours softer, sensitive, feminine side to your girl this valentines…

DJIZOES send us to hell and back with “Erkonoclast” – Hailing from Switzerland – singing in English with that an epiglottis warbling swiss aksent and aksent is the key to this speed metal - maniakal freaks on the brink of destruction. Can you believe that their name is pronounced “Jesus”… oh, boy…
not enough hookers or blow…

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