Starr Tucker cd Reviews

Here's what I found in me box this month...


big city lights, loud fuckin' music

TEXAS TERRI and KEVIN K bring  Firestorm to the Waste offices on Realkat Records. With awesome guitar work from Kevin K and the fabulous Texas Terri vocals filled with venom and wit shining through on tunes like LA X, Graceland to Neverland and the cover of Johnny Thunders’ London Boys. 9 songs clocking in at 24 minutes will have you up and moving and singing along in no time. The hidden track Look At Her is an extra bonus!

Pat Harrington’s new project GEEZER (awesome name) features Pat on vocals and guitar has a downhome Muddy Waters meets Tom Waits quality. The basement-recorded demo is one step away from the front porch but doesn’t lose that Delta essence. C.C. D’Turco and Freddy Villano fill out this trio that brings a heavy sound that will still appeal to headbangers. I just wish I knew the song names, but I could listen to those guitar licks to stay warm all winter long.

BRASS KNUCKLE EVANGELISTS honor us with the release of the album No Sin No Soul. On “Good Time” we get a badass bass intro from legendary NY bassman Scarlet Rowe. The gang backing vocals are quite cool too. Tor gives you grit and attitude in this danceable track. You can sing along instantly and smoking solo from Chris Goercke kicks ass. “Work Me” features the fabulous female singers, The Evangelistas, with a much cleaner sound and more of a head-banging quality due to Maenza’s solid drums. The addition of Steve “Babyboy” Esposito on keys really brings the rocking gospel to your face. Their distinctive sound is an rawking good time indeed!

IMELDA MAY needs to be heard by tattooed, gorgeously dressed crowds with fabulous hair. This young Irish gal has a retro look to die for and her sound even surpasses that. The quality of her voice and the musicians around her should see her star ascending to the top in no time. She can be soft and hard, but the edge is there. Her album Mayhem on Decca Records will make you have a hard time believing she’s from Dublin.

Satanico Dramatico from DIA DE LOS MUERTOS brings screaming L.A. horror metal that will wake the dead. With deep roots in Latin America. I’m sure they kill in places like Costa Rica, Mexico and Columbia but we dig it here in NYC too. If ever heavy metal made it into a spaghetti Western, this would be the band to put it there.

FRANK PALANGI from upstate NY gives us his self-titled EP with melodic heavy rock. This impressive young lad writes, sings and plays all the instruments. A solo artist who rocks enough to open for Jesse Malin and the like, I foresee a great future for this guy.

TWIN GUNS from the Lower East Side bring us Scene Of The Crime - this gothic fuzz garage surf featuring Andrea Sicco and “Jungle” Jim Chandler. The dark, reverb-y sound with haunting vocals and tribal drumbeats has you thinking Cramps with a wall of sound that is hard to believe only a duo could produce.

NYC punkers CHESTY MALONE AND THE SLICE ‘EM UPS has a sophomore CD called Torture Rock on Wrecked Records. A nice package with great titles, awesome spooky lyrics with Chesty’s big, um, voice filling you with angst and lyrics that will crack you up. With killer guitar licks and heavy rhythms, they even get a little groovy on songs like Exit 13. This album will have you rocking and rocking LOUD! “Brainwash Cocktail” and “Zombie Relief Fund” are my personal faves.

SIX SHOT REVIVAL from Atlanta charge out of the gate with “Whiskey Bent” which gave me quite a thirst. Nasty tunes that prove rock and roll is far from dead. On the CD Greatest Hits Vol. 1, the band was even joined on a few songs by Skynard’s original drummer Bob Burns. This southern rock group has a well-produced sound with plenty of booze-filled swagger.

GLAMBILLY out of San Antonio, Texas creeps us out with Cavalier Behavior on Saustex Records. Featuring Hans Frank on vocals and bass, Dangerous Danny Aaron on guitar and Tony Gloria on drums. Psychobilly glam rock with a little Texas surf, the CD gives us fun lyrics, rockin’ grooves and a unique Texas-laced style with citified topics and attitude.