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Here's what I found in me box this month...

Chesty Malone & The Slice 'Em Ups, Rew, Human After Taste, Helen Money, The Passive Aggressives, The Show Is The Rainbow, Sikamor Rooney, Trashlight Vision, The Judy Experience, Amplified Heat, Element 440, Odd Zero, King Hell, The Voids



This month’s soundtrack to a speeding ticket goes to CHESTY MALONE & THE SLICE ‘EM UPS and their latest five song rocker. Heavy kickin tunes that will have you flying, crusher guitars and graveyard vocals – imagine Motorhead versus Sabbath to see who gets to go drinkin with the grim reaper.


“that*S*rite” comes from REW*... underground power pop rock-n-roll that mixes with whatever your drinking. Driving guitars and a kickin bottom line, a mix of understated and over the top that comes into a world of its own. Featuring Ricky (Wolf) Orbach, Billy Ficca, Ashley Owl and Michele Fox, recorded at Engine Room Audio and mixed by Mike Caffrey for those of you in the know. Catch them killin it on the circuit and tell ‘em the Waste sent ya.

Do you love a sticky good time? ...then go to your computer and check out HUMAN AFTER TASTE. The promo for “Eat Our Meat” came to me with a can of mystery meat which I will be donating to my local soup kitchen. Picture Meatloaf versus Gwar for a first date with the girl of your screams, buckets of blood not included.

Here’s one for the musically inclined, HELEN MONEY featuring Alison Chesley on cello and guitar. Modern old world gypsy raga dirges that will have ya all strung out, instrumental musings for late nights haunts and drinks the next day. Black classical street folk with a little bit of everything, even a cover of Neil Young’s ‘Birds’. Delightfully evil.

THE PASSIVE AGGRESSIVES send their five song mini monster “Reloaded”. From the opening ‘Evil Clown Song’ you know your in for something different, a bizarre mix of rock and stomp that throws with the best of ‘em. Keren and the boys have got it going on and then some, let us know when you hit the city.

Friggin crazy... THE SHOW IS THE RAINBOW sends me their latest insane mix of drum machines, guitars and vocal frenzies. Imagine early Devo behind Beck in line at the DMW with a head full of the best damn LSD you’ve ever seen. Clip art rock-n-roll that will have ya screamin look at all the pretty colors.

Strange bits and jangled licks, Dylan versus the Kinks for the night’s last cigarette... SIKAMOR ROONEY send “New York City Gunner”. Street wise folk rock that roars as it rolls from bar to bar looking for a ‘Dirty Girl’ or two. Great stuff for gutter darlings and village drunks, six pack of PBR sold separately.

TRASHLIGHT VISION sends “Alibis & Ammunition”, black leather trash metal that’s out to kick your ass. Crunchy fast guitars and vocals that are looking for a fight, glamcore with all the power of Judas Priest or good GnR – but none those unpleasant side effects. Sing along and order another round, bang you head or whatever you do... ROCK!

Black velvet paintings of a very sad clown, watch the darkness consume all... THE JUDY EXPERIENCE sends “Judy Is Rising”, a hybrid of goth and lounge, black light garage and bastard jazz that hovers inches above the ground. Songs for the unloved and forgotten, wicked bits that  pull you under with no sunshine.

Fire it up – AMPLIFIED HEAT send “How Do You Like The Sound Of That”. Stoner rock with a touch of Rollins, great stuff for gettin baked or starting a revolution. Post-blues with attitude, massive guitars and one hell of a bottom line, let us know when you get to town.

Black metal dance rock with all the trimmings, ELEMENT 440 send “Selfish”. Hard, fast and dirty... Marilyn Manson let loose in your grandmom’s medicine cabinet kind of crazy. Turn on, tune in and lose your fuckin mind.

The garage is kickin tonight... ODD ZERO send their self titled rocker. Die young vocals and rippin guitars, great songs that will have flyin around. Post punk that’s eager to fight, turn it up and piss the neighbors off.

Dig that wack press kit – drinks all around, KING HELL send their five song sampler of rhythm and bruise metal. Big guitars and bigger vocals, lots of kick and throbbing bass... what more could a girl ask for on a first date.

A non-stop post punk screamer that delivers... “Sounds of Failure, Sounds of Hope” comes from THE VOIDS. Powerful, razor blade songs with whiplash vocals and danger on the horizon. Drums, bass and guitars – full on go! Turn it up loud, and get ready to hit the wall. Music this good takes no prisoners.

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