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Howling good stuff... Poptown Records send “Ghouls Gone Wild” featuring ELECTRIC FRANKENSTEIN, THE VOLUPTUOUS HORROR OF KAREN BLACK, PSYCHO CHARGER, THUNDERBOLT PATTERSON with ROSS THE BOSS, THE SCARED STIFFS, SHE WOLVES and THE YOUNG WEREWOLVES to name just a few of the 17 bands on this must have disc. Dig up a few old fiends and get ready to throw down – we’re all creatures after midnight.

Nineteen songs of late night kicks and lipstick bliss –
THE BARBARELLATONES send “Invasion Of The Surf Zombies”. Horror rock that sets the mood, buckets of blood and black light cool. The stranger, the better for you my pretties.

Get your stomp on...
RIVER CITY TANLINES sends “I’m Your Negative” - Runaway rock-n-roll that knows how to treat you right, songs that deliver from the word go. Waste rock is on the rise and these cats are on fire.

Dirtnap Records

OUIJA RADIO sends “Oh No... Yes! Yes!” and we’re pleasantly surprised. The CD graphics suck but the disc is great – guess that’s what the title means? If you like it crazy and on the verge this ones for you.

Nowhere Is Safe...” comes from THE LAST OF THE BAD MEN - Gutter punks with a boot in the right direction, fun songs that you can sink your teeth into. Edgy guitars and throaty vocals, on the prowl and gunning for you.

Hello Satan, MUSHROOMHEAD sends “Savior Sorrow” - Faster than most and leaning towards the bizarre, black metal with a lots of electronic wiggy bits. Trip like god before the dawn, these boys are rollin all night long.

Down and dirty, PETER BLAST sends “Pure Organic Junk”. Back alley rock-n-roll with one foot in the grave, black leather songs that go with whatever your drinking. Towering guitars and one hell of a bottom line – catch him as he burns this city to the ground.

Fuck yeah – THE HORRORS send me “EP” from Southend, UK and we’re having a wonderful time. Basement rockers with hell to care, rollercoaster guitars and nothing to lose. Dangerous stuff... let us know when you hit the states.

Oboy” is the latest kicker from LOAFASS - Filthadelphia phunkpunkrock with no signs of stopping, a monster sound that will have ya gigging all night long. Fish, Tom, V, Metal Mike and the Enforcer have got what you need, check ‘em out and tell them the Waste sent you.

Listen up, THE SLITS send “Revenge of the Killer Slits” and we’ll never be the same - Technopunk for the dance hall crowd, hardcore kids and those living on the edge. Before you jump from the 13th floor, it’s time for some revenge.

With a kick in the ass AGNOSTIC FRONT sends
Live at CBGB”. All the hits from over the years... if you’re a hardcore fan or new school punker this is one hell of a disc. Eighteen wheel guitars, massive drums and crusher vocals will have ya in back in the pit screaming for more.

Ferocious bits, “Birthing The Giant” comes from
the CANCER BATS - Southern metal punk rock that’s ready to explode, lethal shit – check ‘em out as they tear America a new one.

Racing towards an unknown future, GEISHA GIRLS send their self-titled rocker. Free expression with no restrictions, post-punk visions of what music might be... or if you like, that dude from the Cure on a cocaine bender, fully loaded and ready to cut loose.

Pure evil... LAMB OF GOD sends “Sacrament”. Killer music from beyond the abyss, hungry for blood and souls to fill the void. Stellar guitar work and a back end to die for, if you like your metal heavy this one’s all you.

Ashtray rockers – DIE HUNNS send “You Rot Me”. Scream-a-long danger rock that shoots from the hip, they even let the bass player get some. Good shit for great times, XOXOXO.

Shotglass hits the wall – MAD LEE’S UNION sends a bunch of songs about drunkenness and wife stealing. Riveting guitars and insane basslines set the stage for a full on rock-n-roll brawl. Check out these Brighton Bar locals and tell ‘em the Waste sent you.

Hardcore, Punk and Oi!... NO ONE GETS OUT ALIVE is the latest compilation from United Riot. REASON TO FIGHT, KLASSE KRIMINALE, THE OFFENDERS, FEAR CITY, BABY SHAKES and THE EXPLORERSZ are a few of the 17 bands on this insane disc. More bang for the buck – let’s start a riot!

Stoner metal with one hell of a groove... EARTHRIDE sends “Vampire Circus” - Imagine Motorhead live in Amsterdam with a fifth of Jack as the opening act. Heavy shit that takes no prisoners... pure fucking doom.

Out of the gate with a kick in the ass, THE BULLYS send me “BQE Overdrive”. There’s not many left who can do this with the kind of clean, dirty energy that is NYC rock-n-roll. Fierce guitars and great lyrics – these boys know how to have a good time. Raise a glass to Johnny Heff and turn it the fuck up.

Get your stomp on… “Reject On Impact” comes from the F-UNIT - Powerful songs full of edgy bits, monster riffs and vocal mischief – these boys are well into the red. Driving rock that rises to the occasion, check them out and tell ‘em the Waste sent ya.

The kids are alright – THE BAMBOO KIDS send me “Feel Like Hell” - Black leather rockers with nothing to lose, chompy licks and lots of hip… an ear to the street and crusin’ slow, as the man said ‘the kids are alright’.

It’s all very fuzzy… THE MAJESTIC TWELVE sends their insanely wonderful “Schizophrenology” - A cross of rock, jazz, psychedelic, cool, mod, electronic and anything else you can think of. Devo versus They Might Be Giants in a full-on battle royal – the newer wave is upon us and it’s friggin brilliant.

THE PIGS send their happy-go-lucky release “Oink!” Imagine Cheap Trick meets Oingo Boingo on their way over to Brian Eno’s flat for a night of beer drinking and lawn darts. If your into devolution this one’s all you.

Kick, scratch and crawl… MIKA MIKO sends me “C.Y.S.L.A.B.F.” and things will never be the same. Down and dirty punk rock grrrls with a sound to die for. One foot in the grave and the other up your ass – they’ll have ya screaming for more. XOXOXO.

Seductively cool – check out THUNDERBOSS featuring Thunderbolt Patterson with Ross The Boss. Straight up rocking with massive leads and one hell of a bottom line. Good songs for great times, check out this ex-Dictator and tell him the Waste sent ya.

Really fucking heavy… ACID KING sends me “III”. Several hit of Sabbath, a drop of Nugent and a fifth of Jack – one hell of a punch that will leave you wanting more, more, more. Eighteen wheel guitars and a drum, bass combination will knock ya damn well into next week.

VIVA LA VENUS sends me their heartbreak rocker “Forget The Fairy Tale”. Power pop with no signs of stopping, driving tunes that mix well with whatever your drinking. Cut loose and lose yourself in the music… Wendy, Susan, Mary and Trey have ya covered.

Sexy gasoline… ATOMIC BITCH sends their latest “BodyShop”. Tight, well oiled songs that know how to get ya going. Infectious guitars, rockin beat and strong vocals set you up then knock ya down. This shit is the bomb.

Don’t give a fuck rockers, the PRETTY FLOWERS send me their latest demo and it’s a full blown riot. Overdriven, off the handle, not quite right but who is… a full blown mix of lo-fi bits and post punk kicks to keep you smiling as ya go insane.

Hell yeah… GOG OF MAGOG sends “Eden: Way Down to Salvation” - Big sounds from Belgium – this guy’s got some pipes. Rip roaring guitars and lots of groove, stoner rock that kicks you in the ass. Let us know when you hit the states.

Play loud and drink heavily… JAKKHAMR HYPOCRYT sends me their latest firebomb. Massive guitars, deadly drumming and a bass player out for blood. Eleven songs that are looking for a fight, turn it up and piss the whole damn building off!

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