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Here's what I found in me box this month...

Rumble club, The Ray Gradys, The Thucydidean Theory, Mighty High, Da Willys, Nine Pound Hammer, Chip Hanna & The Berlin Three, Old Haunts, Spindle, Vidiots, The American Plague, The Right Ons

April - May!!

Rain, Glorious Rain!


RUMBLE CLUB send us “The Gambler’s Regret” - The latest, brilliant ‘50s traditional rockabilly sounds on this cd make you go -- Wowee!… -Very cool tunes from some very cool dudes. Think Johnny Cash, Dick Dale, hot-rods and an ace up your sleeve. This’ll get you up and running! Throw the roof down, turn the volume up - let the sounds blow you away thru big sky country!
Smooth as a Brylcreemed Duck’s Ass - Jack Coray’s deep vocals talk about “Murder 1”, “Leaving This Town”, “Old Dog”, “Chicken’ Pickin’” and the ol’ “’50 Caddy”.
Check out and catch ‘em on the run thru this great country! Rumble on!


The RAY GRADYS are back with "Rednecks, Zombies, Terrorists" - relentless, fast… did say fast, these guys are speedheads in top gear! Amazing speed punk rock, calling out to all you ‘77ers like it was yesterday – except it’s new! Scratching thru the mindless rough edges of today’s music, they emerge as fresh as a daisy!


Now, here’s an idea - THE THUCYDIDEAN THEORY send us their 2nd release, this time Acting like a French existentialist. Sultry, seductive, full of thought… mood-seeking synths all rise to an experimental trance concept. Please Stop Calling My Office.

All the way from Brooklyn, MIGHTY HIGH send us “In Drug City” and it’s got a punch, a kick and a smack to it. This band launches into its songs with a strong bold mighty rock ‘n’ roll like something AD/DC or Ted Nugent might have done back in the day. Gets you just where you wanna be, and with Brain O doing the artwork, what’s not to love.

DA WILLYS “Get Ugly” – recorded in 88 at Fun City studios, released for the first time, here’s your chance to own a classic piece of NYC Street Punk history - Lynne Von sings like she’s out on parole, dark, deep, raunchy with just a twist of blues in there, with Johnny Thunders’ influenced style guitar - just enough to give this band that really great 1988 NYC out on the streets feel.

NINE POUND HAMMER give us “Sex Drugs & Bill Monroe” all the way from Kentucky, and well, maybe that’s the state they’re gonna get you in… Ah, bourbon country. Yup, these guys are going to take you by the ears and ring out all that cow shit you’ve been putting in there all these years and with a yell, show you what they are made of, belches ‘n all! This is top shelf, 23 yr old whiskey-rock at it’s finest. With classics like “Hookers & Hot Sauce” & “Black Sheep” then there is “I Got The Right”. Out on Acetate Records.


CHIP HANNA & THE BERLIN THREE “Live On Your Stage Soon” born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, released on bail from the US Bombs & One Man Army, Chip finally comes into his own, this time on a flattop Martin acoustic, getting back to his southern, country roots. Joined by Mad Sin legends, Valle on stand-up bass, Tex Morton on guitar/lap steel, and Andy Leaf on drums… Punk Goes Country! Brill stuff! Out on Acetate Records


OLD HAUNTS send us “Poisonous Times” – coming out of the Pacific Northwest – think Television Marc Bolan & White Stripes. “Not Hopeless” gives us a gentle “Volatile” garage raw, with echoes of rockabilly twangs. It has echoes of some mysterious past riding thru it. This is catchy and addictive. Catch ‘em at the Cake Shop, NYC on 14th May…



SPINDLE create “Long Road Home” Oh, just take me home. Serenade the babes with this stuff and you know you might just get… Nice stuff for nice people. Looks kinda heavy, comes out kinda light… white washed, pop-ie sort of punkie but not too heavy kinda… well you get what I mean…



Geoff Western, of Pigs fame, gives us VIDIOTS “Tune In” and it’s kinda wonderfully Bowie-Eno-esque. It’s a pop production at it’s best… Bring on the video! Can’t wait to see it! Turn us on!


THE AMERICAN PLAGUE give us “Heart Attack” and what a way to go. This is good old fashioned, 100% pure grain, down and dirty American rock’n’roll, and by the sound of it, you’re gonna die happy!  Heavy rock at it’s best!

All the way from Spain and last seen at SXSW - THE RIGHT ONS send us “80.81” - James Brown would be proud of these guys, and they are - right on! Oh, sock it to me! Rock out! These boys really got it going on! Guitar pickin’, funky beats and boy it sounds good! Let it hang! Yeah! Give me five!

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