Moving In Stereo: Volume 21

as heard by Darren Paltrowitz


Since Moving In Stereo: Volume 20 hit browsers, shelves, and tables around the world, a lot of worthwhile and attention-worthy releases have reached the office CD player, including:

  • Ian Love “Ian Love” (Limekiln)
  • Valeze “Valeze” (
  • Last Crack “Bringing Funkhouse Live” (Rökker)
  • Comet Gain “City Fallen Leaves” (Kill Rock Stars)
  • Tangiers “Family Myth” (Frenchkiss)


…From The Stage

Always a favorite of “Moving In Stereo,” The Figgs returned for its annual December run in New York.  Breaking out long-ignored favorites like “Step Back, Let’s Go Pop” and “Favorite Shirt,” the trio gave its fair share of surprises to the capacity crowd at Cake Shop.  2006 is expected to bring a followup live album, “Continue To Enjoy The Figgs, Volume 2,” from Pete, Pete, and Mike, in addition to another self-produced studio album…A quartet featuring ex-members of This Year’s Model, SpeedSpeedSpeed plays loud and proud rock & roll.  Slotted in the middle of a five-band billing at the Smithtown Masonic Temple, fans of Shellac and Sparta should love the mix of frantic vocals, harmonized guitar riffs, and the low-end-driven rhythm section that makes up SpeedSpeedSpeed.  If all their sets are as moving as this one had been, this is a must-see group…Back onto the indie-circuit after a few ill-fated years with RCA Records, Cave In has wasted little time.  Recently bringing Converge drummer Ben Koller into the fold, the Boston group has returned to Hydra Head Records, releasing “Perfect Pitch Black” this past fall.  Not staying out of the studio much otherwise, a cassette-single – as only available on-tour – was also put together, as featuring Koller.  Headlining at The Knitting Factory, Cave In contributed a set that showcased little of the aggressive space-rock from “Jupiter” and “Antenna,” and instead focused on the metallic sounds of their latest full-length.  And as a sign of approval, some moshing was spotted towards the front of the stage.  While a powerful show, many seemed to hope that the next tour will bring more from the aforementioned albums…Same great NYC venue a few nights later, Milwaukee’s own Beatallica came through town on the first cross-country tour of its five-year existence.  Playing songs by The Beatles as they would hypothetically be done by Cliff Burton-era Metallica, “And Justice For All My Loving,” “Blackened The U.S.S.R.,” and “Hey Dude” were three of more than a dozen songs performed.  Clearly playing to both devout followers and newbies who weren’t yet in on the joke, frontman Jaymz Lennfield alternated between his James Hetfield-modeled, beer-swilling persona and his down-to-earth self, explaining the concept behind Beatallica.  Those looking to get a better idea of what the group is about can download two albums at no cost at


…From The Screen

Steve Perry hasn’t been in the fold for close to 10 years, but through Sony Music comes the release of the new Journey DVD, “Live In Houston 1981.”  A set-list largely based on the then-newly-released “Escape” album, the classic lineup of Journey hadn’t yet written “Separate Ways,” but did have “Don’t Stop Believin’,” “Open Arms,” and “Any Way You Want You It” in its repertoire.  If the concert looks familiar to you, it may be because you originally caught it when it aired on a then-new MTV…Also on the tip of classic rock bands using replacement members, KISS has chronicled its 2004 summer run with “Rock The Nation Live.”  Several years after its series of farewell tours, the lineup featured on “Nation” does not contain Ace Frehley or Peter Criss, but does have Tommy Thayer and Eric Singer as hired guns in the original guitarist and drummer’s prerequisite makeup.  Featuring 20 songs in total, this two-disc set should provide some insight to long-term fans with behind-the-scenes features like “The Dressing Room” and “The Meet & Greets.”  Using innovative technology, viewers are also treated to Powervision – should they want to utilize that bonus feature – which shows the concert from each band member’s perspective on seven songs.  Fans of the early KISS catalogue also ought to enjoy the fact that this title only includes three songs from the 1980’s discography…Still out on the road in support of “Angel Of Retribution,” Judas Priest, too, has a concert DVD to tout.  While a die-hard may complain of this home video’s lack of extras or any footage beyond the concert itself, this Rhino title does showcase the band in top form at Budokan, during its Japanese run in 2004.  While the song selection is missing “Heading Out On The Highway” and “United” – the latter which is briefly heard over the credits – it does include a good number of tracks from “Retribution” alongside all the expected staples.  Rob Halford can still hit the high notes, Glenn Tipton and K.K. Downing can still pull off the double-guitar leads, and yes, the infamous motorcycle makes an appearance…Music Video Distributors keep pumping out interesting videos, and “Under Review: 1973-1980” is an one that specifically ought to interest intense followers of Queen.  Packaging rare live and studio footage with interviews and “independent review and criticism” from top U.K. journalists, this one is for the music geeks.  Same goes for MVD’s “Too Hot To Handle: 1969-1993,” which gives UFO its due as an influential force on the hard rock circuit.


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