Moving In Stereo: Volume 12

as heard by Darren Paltrowitz


As stated in “Volume 11” of Moving In Stereo, the first-quarter of a new year tends to be the most exciting.  Proving to be on-target with that thought, there has been no shortage of thrills thus far in 2005.  Even if the year has already brought us the unexpected breakup of Vagrant RecordsHey Mercedes.


…From The Island

While Joy Zipper is already headlining venues in the U.K., the Long Island-bred duo – which never gigged in these parts – is finally releasing their second full-length, American Whip, in the U.S. after more than a year of lawyer-related delays.  Amongst those featured on the 12 tracks of Whip are David Holmes and My Bloody Valentine’s Kevin Shields.  Fans of The Jesus & Mary Chain and the aforementioned MBV ought to take note of this album…Speaking of the U.K., just back from over the pond is 5 Cent Deposit.  Although in the midst of finishing a follow-up to We Have Your Daughter!, the Entertainment Weekly-review trio is currently out with Sarcasm…Congratulations are due to Lido Beach native (and L.A. transplant) Scott Waldman, who has inked a record deal with Sony offshoot We The People Records as bassist for The City Drive.  As the trio’s major label debut won’t be out until the summer – at the earliest – do yourself a favor and pick up the band’s demos as they feature the production of Chris Fudurich (Nada Surf, Finch, Ozma) and the backing vocals of that dog’s Rachel Haden…Despite his recent departure from Glassjaw, guitarist Todd Weinstock has landed on his feet with the announcement of his new band, Torpedo.  Although not confirmed at press time if the quintet’s latest recordings will be put out through Warner Brothers, Weinstock is certain to be playing amongst keyboardist Nick Hook, vocalist T.J. Penzone (Descendre), bassist Rick Penzone (The Reunion Show), and drummer David Sullivan-Kaplan (Action Action).


…From The Stage

A touring entity for nearly 20 years, LaserSpectacular Featuring The Music Of Pink Floyd – a.k.a. the original “Laser Floyd” – played to a near-capacity crowd at The Beacon Theater.  As the show was upgraded since the previous year’s appearance in Manhattan, attendees were treated to a lot of fresh additions within the 90-or-so minutes of visuals.  Even those that are not always blown away by the music of Pink Floyd ought to catch this touring show; this multimedia presentation truly puts a fresh spin on the nostalgia that most tribute-oriented gigs bring you – samples can be viewed online at…Although playing the backroom of The Luna Lounge, just as interesting to yours truly as LaserSpectacular was Arbor Day.  Having changed their lineup and instrumentation since their early days at the ACME Underground – with gigs alongside Of Montreal and Tilly & The Wall to their credit since then – the group plays soulful, 1960’s-influenced power-pop that often brings the music produced by Phil Spector to mind.  However, the originality of the quintet is commendable as Arbor Day is successfully able to cohesively blend the trombone and theremin work of Andy Levine into the mix.  2005 will see a new EP from these guys in addition to output from the other band of bassist Joe Hasan, Random Computer.


…From The Stereo

Featuring former members of The Promise Ring and Camden, Decibully is a Milwaukee-based seven-piece that runs the gamuts of indie-rock, singer/songwriter folk, and alt-country on its latest, Sing Out America.  The hooks may not be as apparent as they were in the old bands of the Decibully folks, but the quality and craft is.  Fans of the Polyvinyl Records roster have themselves a worthwhile purchase with this disc…After Supergrass’ Gaz Coombes declared them the “best bloody band” he’d seen “in ages,” it’s become apparent that Rocket Science – not to be confused with The Rocket Summer – have friends in high places.  Eternal Holiday is the latest from this Melbourne, Australia-based ensemble, which has drawn a lot of comparisons to Lime Spiders and The Vines.  Along with the infectious energy that the act is known for, Holiday brings psychedelia to the table…A fellow countryman of Rocket Science, Ben Lee, has a new record to speak of with Awake Is The New Sleep.  Despite collaborations with Rilo Kiley’s Jenny Lewis, Har Mar Superstar, Jason Falkner and ex-Phantom Planet drummer Jason Schwartzman, Awake is a mostly-serious, reflective collection.  All in all, it often sounds like it’s the gathering of the previously-unspoken thoughts of a 20-something artist that’s been in the spotlight for 12 years.  Not specifically poppy like Breathing Tornados, electronically-oriented like the Dan The Automator-produced hey you. yes you, or entirely-acoustic like Something To Remember Me By, the majority of these 14 songs are mid-tempo and mixed so that Lee’s lyrics are the focal point.  Those looking for some witty yet laid-back music that doesn’t bore would be right to add this Awake to their shopping list.

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