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NY Waste Winter 2019 - Internet Sufferers -  Cunning Stunts, Lucky Lawler - Farewell to Art on A Gallery -  Amanda Watt Interview, Lucky Lawler - EVille, Luke Palermo - Brucie’s Bits - Rock Graphic Originals, Peter Golding Interview, Lucky Lawler - Platform Edge – Jenny Gonzalez_Blitz - Indian Larry, Robert Butcher - NY Waste Poster, Crazy Glenn Wernig - Dawn Miller Interview, Robert Butcher - WWIX - Andrew Goldfarb - Blanket Fest Christmas Eve 2018, Frank Wood - Pig Shit, Gary Pig Gold - John Rotten , Noreña - Tap Tap Tap, Glenn Wernig - Joe Strummer Benefit, Robert Butcher - Pig Shit, Gary Pig Gold - Musicians Rock Out! , The Butcher Report - Glorius Revolution, Lucky Lawler - Single-lens Reflex, Anjanette McGrath - Jack/Uni Interview, Robert Butcher - Wyldesyde, Karol Khaos -Murdered by the Mob, Noreña - Astrology, Sunset Sensible
NY Waste Newspaper: Spring 2016 Cover: Lemmy by Crazy Glenn Wernig