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Who the Fuck are We?

Lucky Lawler - Crazy Glenn Wernig - Luke Palermo - Sergio Zuniga - Gary Pig Gold - Vlad - Christian Gabriel -
more to come...

Lucky Lawler

Lucky grew up in London during the great Punk yrs. Lucky feels saved by Punk Rock'n'Roll. Lucky has done life in NYC doing a variety of jobs.

One day after having read the dictionary out of sheer boredom, Lucky moved on to the yellow pages to see what other people did in life and kept stopping at publishing, and so was born the New York Waste newspaper.
One thing about Lucky is that Lucky loves the printed page.
Always going to gigs and shows with some sort of camera in pocket, shooting the underground rock scene in NYC for 17 yrs exclusively for the New York Waste newspaper, "a little rag that I have put out since 97 with the help of some of the best, the weirdest and the wildest that nyc?s has to offer?"

Banana Fish Zero by Lucky Lawler©2010
Banana Fish Zero by Lucky Lawler ©2010

Crazy Glenn Wernig

Art director/co-founder of the NY WASTE.
Superb fine art cartoonist, hangs out in bars drawing the local wildllife. His published body of work include "Having A Hell Of A Time, Wish You Were Here" and a is looking to produce his new one that is ready to go: "How I Spent My Permanent Vacation."
His vision includes Punks, musicians, artists, writers and other assorted weirdos. Bartenders, bar staff n' bar owners, Promoters n' anyone who has "sumpthin' going on" ...And, of course, hot rock n' roll chicks

Crazy Glenn Wernig
Cover for NY Waste design by Glenn Wernig ©2010

Luke Palercmo

Named after Paul Newman's character in Cool Hand Luke, 1968 was a year marked with war, music and the birth of Luke Palermo.
Raised in Ocean City, NJ and graduate of Old Dominion University in Norfolk, Virginia. Luke moved to New York City in 1992 and began an illustrated magazine, Straight Jacket Tuxedo, which ran four issues. During this time he was part of several group shows at the Jack Light Gallery. In 1997 he began his involvement with the New York Waste, and in 2002 created Eville, a cartoon based on living in the East Village.
Luke?s work has appeared at or in the Antagonist Art Movement NYC, Big Art Show, The Big Takeover, Bowery Poetry Club NYC, The Idiom, Jack Light Gallery NYC, New York Waste, Pterodactyl Philadelphia, The R Bar, 941 Theatre and 3 AM Magazine.