Sean Kershaw’s Honky Tonk Brunch 1-4pm Sundays at Hanks Saloon BKNY!!


“Red Cadillac & a Black Moustache” Sean Kershaw & NJR 

The New Jack Ramblers are: Sean Kershaw – rhythm guitar, lead vocals; Seth Kessel – lead guitar; Skip ward – upright bass; Dave Dawson – drums

Hi-Octane Honkytonk straight outta Brooklyn!

Check out what happens at Hank’s on a Sunday afternoon… ya crawl outta bed and get on them boots and slink on down the subway to the nearest stop in Brooklyn, keeping your head down lest the subway neons might burn out your eyes… walk a couple blocks, and there your see it… a site for sore eyes… the low dark corner building known at Hank’s. As you walk along the flame adorned wall you can hear a twang of guitars and the thump thump of drum & bass starting up behind this daunting wall, designed to keep outsiders out and those who are in, in. The pulse of Hank’s is one of the coolest vibes, and with Jeanie behind the bar taking care of all your needs…

Inside Sean Kershaw & The New Jack Ramblers are kickstarting a wonderful afternoon. The place is coming alive with the sound of good ol’ American traditional outlaw kuntry and it feels really good to be here. You grab a perfect Pequeno Burrito & a beer and as you feed your hungover hunger you can’t help but tap your feet to the fine rhythms coming from the stage.

People come for an hour, or to stay all afternoon, I chose to stay. The beer was extra fresh that day and super thirst quenching. This week, the afterparty, from 4-6pm, had Gred Holt’s Fiddler & The Crossroads Band performing. He got a mean dueling fiddle there!

Sean Kershaw has taken this Sunday afternoon and turned it into somethin’ real good… He gets local acts who are into the kuntry sounds to follow him for the “After Party 4-6pm.” To keep an eye on what’s good get on over to:

Someone’s ready for action!

So get on down to Hank’s this Sunday and every Sunday and get ready for a real hoedown!


LuX :)

Here to cleanup on some good music, cheap beer & burritos!

Pontiac Sign


Wheeling and dealing Jeannie behind the bar!

Sean Kershaw & The New Jack Ramblers

Sean Kershaw & the NJR with guest star Tucky Parkis standing in on stand-up!

Gred Hollt’s Fiddler & the Crossroads Band

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