Acker Awards – IV awards for Avant -guarde Artists

Source: (42) Acker Awards – IV awards for Avant -guarde Artists

MC – Phoebe Legere–

Presenter Clayton Patterson
Music – Avram Fefer
Candy Darling Activism Award – Sur Rodney Sur
Political Notice – Countess Alex Zapak
2016 Video Of Ceremony – Nancy Wolfe, Ethan Minsker
2016 Animation of ACKER Box – Ethan Minsker
Cartoon Illustrator – Natania Nunubiznez
Activist Playwright – Sarah Schulman
Art & Science of Boxing – Carlito Castillo
Tattooing – Friday Jones, Michelle Myles
TheaterActor – Mari-Claire Charba, Marilyn Roberts, Barbara Kahn, Lois Kagan Mingus
Music – Felice Rosser, Cheryl Pyle, Eden Brower & John Heneghan
Community News – Lincoln Anderson, Lucky Lawler
Art – Charles Mingus 3rd, Theresa Byrnes, Lucky Lawler, Leslie Lowe,Victoria Alexander, Agathe Snow, Zen Browne, Jane Dickerson, Istvan Kantor, Charles Schick, Regina Bartkoff
Writer – Jennifer Blowdryer, Shelley Marlow, Magie Dominic
Sexual Evolutionary.- Veronica Vera
Feminist Porn Genre – Candida Royal
Photography – Toyo Tsuchiya, Jackie Ruden
<span”>Performance Art Collective Organizer – Mary Campbell and Viv Vassar
Community Support – Wendy Scripps
Science – Carter Emmart
ATrans Media Storyteller – Countess Alex Zapak
Video – Anne Hanavan, Joan Moossy
Composer Producer – Keith Patchel
In Memory2017 Carmen Pabon, Miguel Pinero, Gary Azon,
artist Antony Zito
In Memory 2016 Cups by Antony Zito

The ACKER Awards IV  2017 Presented by Clayton Patterson 

THE ACKER Awards were created by Alan Kaufman in San Francisco and Clayton Patterson in New York.  
The  ACKER Award is a way to pay tribute to members of the avant-garde arts community who have made outstanding contributions in their discipline in defiance of convention, and to those who have served their fellow writers and artists in outstanding ways. The Acker Awards are named after novelist Kathy Acker, who in her life and work exemplified the risk-taking and uncompromising dedication that identifies the true avant-garde artist.

This year, February 12th, at Theater 80, 80 St. Mark’s.
doors open @6PM. Starts @7PM.  Open to the Public – Free
MC Phoebe Legere assisted by Clayton Patterson.

In NYC Patterson creates a box which is decorated every year by a different artist.  This year the artist for the box is John Gagliano @ Overthrow Boxing the box is sponsored by Joey Goodwin @ Overthrow Boxing, produced by Clayton Patterson

The are 40 boxes and each of the boxes contains something that each recipient adds which represents their work.  The box is like a group show, a treasure chest, a time capsule, an educational tool which enlightens the person who goes through the box and the viewer will get a glimpse relating to a recipient.

Each box has a biography booklet, printed by the Villager Newspaper & designed by Michael Shirey Villager Art Director.  The bio booklet, has a visual image of each recipient, as well as, a short bio.

Between the ceremony, the bio booklet, the video and photos from event, the press and the years doing this, a large overview is being created which  representing a wide view of a creative community.  The Grammy’s are music, the Oscars film, the Obie’s theater; the ACKERS represents all facets of the creative community.

Booklet Printed by The Villager & produced by ©Clayton Patterson LES. NYC 2017 – Design Michael Shirey The Villager Art Director

Alan Kaufman

Clayton Patterson